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Be it at work, leisure or home, you always deserve a space that honors your potential. This is why we aim to create meaningful luxury environments built sensitively around your needs in ways that elevate your opportunities and exceed limitations. Over the past decade, we’ve become a little good at it.
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Your Dream, Our Design.

Belhasa Interiors embodies the true spirit of the UAE, a future of limitless possibilities. With 200+ projects, our award-winning interior design studio has a proven track record for exceeding global standards in luxury. We continuously refine our expertise in one of the world’s most multi-cultural, high-octane and affluent locations. We encourage you to dream big and collaborate intelligently to bring you excellence and innovation. This is the promise of the Saif Belhasa Holding as trusted partners in your growth See More..

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We leverage a 360° perspective to ensure robust and resilient solutions.

Ideation and Concept Development

Ask for bold possibilities.

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Interior Architecture

Expect exceptional opportunities.

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Computational Design and AI

Leverage the latest technology.

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Project Management

Collaborate as a close partner.

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Turnkey Projects

Trust us to do it all.

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